Traces: A night time event in Strathcona

I’m not sure why, but it seems Vancouver is teeming with all types of public events this summer. Every week, the papers propose a series of activities all over the Lower Mainland. Whether it celebrates the diverse heritage of the city or the completion of major infrastructure work being done in preparation for the upcoming winter olympics in February, there’s something for everyone. This past Friday night was “Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories”, a ¬†small multimedia event looking at the history of Strathcona, a neighborhood bordering on the infamous Downtown Eastside. Living in the neighbourhood, I checked it out. It involved four sites located within a block and half, each with its own multimedia presentation. All, in all, it was an interesting look at the neighborhood, especially at night. I can’t recall walking that section of Hastings so late at night. It was heartening to see all the people who came out for this. Bet it was an interesting change for the beat cops to see so many people behaving in that neck of the DTES. (Slideshow)