Burning Life: Coming to SL, Sept. 27-Oct. 5, 2008

Can’t make it to Burning Man this year? No need to despair. Burning Life is your answer, without the travelling and expense. Now in its sixth year, Burning Life is the virtual version of Burning Man. According to the SL Blog, Burning Man is where Philip Rosedale (AKA Philip Linden) got a lot of his inspiration for Second Life. 

The call is out for volunteers and for participants. Check Burning Life: A call for volunteers  for details on volunteer positions and/or the Theme Camp page to submit a proposal for a camp space. Deadline is August 31. 



2 responses to “Burning Life: Coming to SL, Sept. 27-Oct. 5, 2008

  1. Burning Life should be pretty exciting. Though we are not certain yet, The Act Up Theatre Company and Ivy Falls may be doing an encore Performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Burning Life this year. We preformed the play in its entirety three days last weekend. All three shows were full to capacity.

    Here is the promotional video

    Here are pictures from the show

    Peace, Paggz

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