We, the Residents…

Stumbled across through an interesting project on New World Notes tonight. There’s a flag design contest now underway, hosted by Laetizia Coronet. This project came about following the recent changes implemented by Linden Lab® regarding the use of the SL logo. As Laetizia puts it:

“Let’s face it. We never had a flag – that was a logo on a stick and it would look good outside a Linden Lab office, but it was hardly what you’d call a real flag. And now even the name of the famous logo is copyrighted, so use of it as a symbol for all of us is right out. It’s “theirs” now…”

Details on the contest can be found on her blog, Virtual Village Voice. Considering the technology that can be used, I think we can look forward to more than mere flat 3-D designs.


3 responses to “We, the Residents…

  1. Actually, being that I have an e-mail address for designs to be sent to, I don’t think more can be expected than ‘flat 3-D designs’. A flag, after all, is a flag. But of course people are free to send in anything they like.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, both of you. What I was trying to say is that, though the design submitted may be in 2-d, it doesn’t mean the final product will be. This is Second Life, after all. A lot of First Life restrictions, such as gravity, can be ignored. You gotta think outside the box…


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