First story published on CNN SL iReport!

I’ve wanted to participate in the CNN SL iReport since it launched in November. However, I was never able toCNN SL iReport meeting join the weekly meeting, due to a schedule conflict, that is until this week. Once a week, SL iReporters meet in-world at the CNN Amphitheater. This week’s session was hosted by Raveon Ireport. This being February, two days before Valentine’s Day, two special guests were invited to talk about their experience in running in-world dating services: Lisah Levasseur (Casanova’s Matchmaking) and Allyssa Leigh (SL Paradise Dating).

A spirited discussion on relationships in SL followed, with a special assignment to find and show the romance in SL. As well as more newsworthy stuff. Which is what I concentrated on and decided to report on the H&R Block Party and the Writers Club roundtable, with celebrity chef Maria Liberati. Well, my first story has yet to appear on the iReport site, but much to my surprise, the cookbook story has! Cool! 🙂

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