The economic side of Second Life and theatre

SL Screen grab - Craig OffmanCame across a couple of interesting articles this weekend, dealing with sides of SL and theatre not often talked about, though both very important for each: sex and producing.

The National Post had a special feature this past weekend: The Love & Sex Issue. One of the article, Virtual Babylon, looked into the phenomenon of virtual sex in SL. It’s not a side of SL I’m much acquainted with, to be honest, but it was an interesting read. Not surprising that it can be a very lucrative business in SL

The other article came by courtesy of The New York Times and is an interview by Stephen J. Dubner, co- author of Freakonomics, with Broadway producer, Rocco Landesman (Big River, Titanic, Guys and Dolls, The Producers…). Mr. Dubner had solicited questions from his readers and this was the result. It’s an insightful look at the economics of running a Broadway show. Strangely enough, I saw Mr. Dubner on 60 Minutes this evening, discussing the economics behind the production of pennies in the US.

(photo: screen grab by Craig Offman, National Post)

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4 responses to “The economic side of Second Life and theatre

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