CSI:NY in SL: Venus Found!

With new mysteries appearing weekly in CSY: NY in SL, I took a look late last night to see if anything new Belove Crime Scenewas afoot. Although there was nothing reported in the crimelog at the lab, a look at the CSI: NY news site revealed a new murder had taken place.

I teleported to the penthouse of Sophie Belove in the Upper East Side, nearly rezzing right on top of her dead husband, conveniently laid up in a flower box, a bullet through the heart. Collected the evidence and scooted out to the lab for analysis.  The clues introduced a new organization: “Amor Mortis”, a secret business society. They also led us straight to Venus, the trigger-puller in this latest murder. In a video, we saw her finally nabbed and led to prison. Or was she?….

Looking for my promoted status, I went to the lab today. I couldn’t figure out why I was still not registering at the top of the rankings. I asked a manager and turns out there might be more coming, as there are three weeks still to go in the project.  A pleasant surprise, indeed.

Stay tuned!

CSI grade

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