The Musical Theatre Meme – My take

Picking up the cue from Steve, author of the best blog on Broadway (IMHO), Steve on Broadway, I thought I’d give this meme a try. Not living anywhere near New York, however, I’ll have to expand my area.

1. The first musical I ever saw on Broadway was (or if you haven’t seen a musical on Broadway): Dancin’ (1978). I was with my parents for a shoe tradeshow in New York. I was hooked!

2. The musical I would most like to see again is: The Producers. I never saw the Broadway production, but the Canadian one in Toronto, starring Seán Cullen as Max.  It’s become my favourite musical. It’s coming to the Arts Club in May. Can’t wait to see it again.

3. The musical I never want to see again is: Sunset Boulevard.It played in Vancouver with Diahann Carroll as Norma Desmond and Rex Smith as Joe. I won the tickets from one of the radio stations. I ‘m glad I didn’t pay for those. I don’t remember much of it, except I was glad to get up and go home at the end.

4. The best performance in a Broadway musical by a woman I’ve ever seen is: This one will have to be close to home, Jennifer Lyon as Eliza in the Arts Club production of My Fair Lady.

5. The best performance in a Broadway musical by a man I’ve ever seen is: Seán Cullen, as Max, in the Toronto production of The Producers; Nathan Lane in the film version of that play; Richard McMillan, as Pooh-Bah, and Eric Donkin as Koko in the Stratford Festival 1982 production of The Mikado. I saw that show four times… Roger Bart is also excellent in Young Frankenstein.

6. The person I wish they never cast was: Matthew Broderick as Felix in The Odd Couple (I know, not a musical, but…). I didn’t actually see the show on Broadway, but there was a cellphone videoclip for a while on YouTube of the “linguini scene”. I couldn’t believe how stunted he sounded and acted. I don’t think that performance helped him at all.

7. The person they should have cast was: Lee Evans. Nice chemistry with Nathan (Mousehunt, The Producers (UK))

8. My favorite Broadway choreography was in the show: Susan Stroman’s, The Producers and Young Frankenstein. I saw Young Frankenstein in its Seattle run and loved it.

9. The lyric/line that always brings a lump to my throat is: I can’t think of a single lyric, but I find “Somewhere” from West Side Story moving, as well as “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray and “Will I” from Rent.

10. The stupidest lyric/line I’ve ever heard is: Can’t think of any at the moment.

11. The first musical I had to go back and see twice four times was: The Mikado (see my answer in #5)

12. The first musical I ever walked out of was: Never happened.

13. The most under praised and overly deserving show in my opinion is: Young Frankenstein.

14. The most overly praised and under deserving show in my opinion is: Can’t think of one right now

15. The song show tune I’m most likely to sing while I’m dancing around at home is: “I Love to Travel”, from Sondheim’s The Frogs and “Voulez-vous?” from Mamma Mia!.

16. If I could recast any role in a current Broadway musical with a performer of the past it would be: Jerry Orbach in his original role of Billy Flynn in Chicago

17. If I could recast a current actor in a Broadway musical that was before their time it would be: Nathan Lane as Koko in The Mikado. 

18. The show they should never change a word of because it is already perfect is: The Producers.

19. The show I’d most like to get my hands on and rewrite is: Yeah, right…Beyond my skills…

20. The role I was born to play on Broadway is: Being void of any acting and singing skills of any type, this is a challenge. Personality-wise, Donna, of Mamma Mia! comes to mind. Though I would love to play one of the lil’ old ladies in The Producers, just to be part of a chorus. I’m definitely more of a background/backstage person. (I’m getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of being on a stage…yeeech…)

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