Catch Me If You Can Musical: now in workshop

Catch Me If You Can Movie PosterIn the works since 2003, a musical version of Stephen Spielberg’s film, Catch Me If You Can, has reached the workshop stage. Helmed by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, the Tony-winning composing team behind Hairspray, it will star Nathan Lane as Carl Hanratty, the federal agent played by Tom Hanks in the movie. After a lengthy search, the role of Frank Abigail Jr, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, was awarded to relatively newcomer, Aaron Tveit.

The book is written by Terrence McNally (Love, Valour, Compassion, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Master Class, Corpus Christi).

Nathan mentioned the workshop during an interview on The View this week. Video here. has a video montage of Nathan’s current play, November, here.

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Live mini-production of Hamlet in SL: Feb.28

Intercepted this email in the SL Educators listserv this morning. One of the Lindens is actually performing…

Humanities Curators, Theatre Aficionado, Shakespeare Fans, and Everyone Else!:Globe

I am happy to announce the inaugural live performance of the SL Shakespeare Company to SLED. Each miniproduction will be showcasing a live scene from Hamlet, with a professional troupe, and photorealistic actors and historically accurate wardrobe and props.

Join us exactly one week from now, in-world at the SL Globe Theatre.

Playbill below ;-D


Fri, Feb 29: 3 PM
Sat, Mar 1:  11 AM
Sun, Mar 2: 1 PM
Mon, Mar 3: 11 AM
Tues, Mar 4: 6 PM
Weds, Mar 5: —
Thurs, Mar 6: 3 PM
Fri, Mar 7: 1 PM
Sat, Mar 8: 6 PM
Sun, Mar 9: 3 PM

The Globe Theatre - Second LifeSLURL:  Globe Theatre

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Full text Media Release

Journey rockin’ in SL?

On February 1st, classic rock band Journey launched the Journey Virtual Island in Second Life. The island Journey Virtual Islandoffers information on the band’s albums, in the form of structures each designed to reflect the respective album. There’s a dance club, streaming all of one (1) video, of the band playing live, and one song(!). There’s a clothing store selling Journey t-shirts and jeans ($L250! I don’t think so…) Pretty sad, all around. I’m told there are activities planned. I’ve subscribed to the fan club in-world. We’ll see what comes across that wire…

I was a fan of the band when Steve Perry was its lead singer. I haven’t followed its own journey since he left in 1997. What I’ve seen today, though, seems like another case of an established business “let’s-jump-on-the-SL-bandwagon-and build a site”. Why am I listening to Sky radio, hits of the 80’s and not Journey songs while walking around the site? Why are the videos not streaming continuously in the dance club, with links to iTunes so I can buy the song easily? Why is the male voice greeting visitors and explaining the site not one of the band members’? Hello?.. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer, to introduce himself, if only in voice?…Oy…

To check it out for yourself, click on the following SLURL: Journey Virtual Island

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First story published on CNN SL iReport!

I’ve wanted to participate in the CNN SL iReport since it launched in November. However, I was never able toCNN SL iReport meeting join the weekly meeting, due to a schedule conflict, that is until this week. Once a week, SL iReporters meet in-world at the CNN Amphitheater. This week’s session was hosted by Raveon Ireport. This being February, two days before Valentine’s Day, two special guests were invited to talk about their experience in running in-world dating services: Lisah Levasseur (Casanova’s Matchmaking) and Allyssa Leigh (SL Paradise Dating).

A spirited discussion on relationships in SL followed, with a special assignment to find and show the romance in SL. As well as more newsworthy stuff. Which is what I concentrated on and decided to report on the H&R Block Party and the Writers Club roundtable, with celebrity chef Maria Liberati. Well, my first story has yet to appear on the iReport site, but much to my surprise, the cookbook story has! Cool! 🙂

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Cooking up sales in SL: Maria Liberati and The Basic Art of Italian Cooking

Maria Liberati - SL Writers Club RoundtableLate last year, writers of the motion picture Beowulf stopped by Second Life to promote their up-coming film. This time around, Maria Liberati, former super-model, now celebrity chef, stopped by Athena Isle, as guest speaker for the Writers Club weekly meeting. She has just launched her second book, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking, available in stores and online at Amazon.

The format of a roundtable made this particularly enjoyable. Before long, there were quite a few of us sitting around Cybergrrl Oh’s magical table (a new chair appears every time someone sits on one). Maria proved to be very comfortable fielding questions and moving around. Considering this was her first time in Second  Life, I was impressed. We touched on various topics, from the use of fresh ingredients as the key to Italian cooking, to the Slow Food movement, very common in Europe, and now gaining a foothold in North America. Maria explained that her book is not so much a collection of recipes, as a story, or a collection of stories related to various dishes and foods in Italy.

Maria has a few plans in store, including a podcast and a television series featuring celebrities talking about what they like to eat and favorite recipes. The full transcript of the chat will be available a little later this week on the Second Life Writers Club website. You can join the SL Writers Life Club, free of charge, to get notified of upcoming guests. Just look up the name in the Groups tab in SL.

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H&R Block in SL: Rockin’ the casbah and answering your tax questions

H&R BlockHad an email notice waiting from Nexeus Fatale, SL DJ extraordinaire this morning:

Group Notice From: Nexeus Fatale

Tonight I’ll be DJing at H&R Block from 5:30ppm – 7:30pm for the 2008 Tax Season.  While I’m DJing, H&R Block will have 2 tax advisors answering your questions with free tax advice!  Come down and party, get some free goodies here at the sim and get free tax advice for any important questions you have.  To TP to the event tonight, use the attached LM 😀

Here’s the SLURL: H&R Block Tax Party

Here’s another nice example of reaching out beyond the normal channels. I’ll be there with dancing shoes. It’s not every day you get to associate “party” with “taxes”.

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The economic side of Second Life and theatre

SL Screen grab - Craig OffmanCame across a couple of interesting articles this weekend, dealing with sides of SL and theatre not often talked about, though both very important for each: sex and producing.

The National Post had a special feature this past weekend: The Love & Sex Issue. One of the article, Virtual Babylon, looked into the phenomenon of virtual sex in SL. It’s not a side of SL I’m much acquainted with, to be honest, but it was an interesting read. Not surprising that it can be a very lucrative business in SL

The other article came by courtesy of The New York Times and is an interview by Stephen J. Dubner, co- author of Freakonomics, with Broadway producer, Rocco Landesman (Big River, Titanic, Guys and Dolls, The Producers…). Mr. Dubner had solicited questions from his readers and this was the result. It’s an insightful look at the economics of running a Broadway show. Strangely enough, I saw Mr. Dubner on 60 Minutes this evening, discussing the economics behind the production of pennies in the US.

(photo: screen grab by Craig Offman, National Post)

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