Second Life and Spirituality

Kabbalah TodayWhile doing research for Cue the Penguin!, I stumbled upon this article in Kabbalah Today, Issue #11. Better than the Virtual World, written by Chaim Ratz, looks at the phenomenon that is Second Life, and asks:


The article goes on to look whether we are effectively fleeing the real world, which increasingly is getting darker and darker (worldwide crises, drug and alcohol-abuse, murders, loss of jobs), and taking refuge into a virtual one, where you can be anyone you want to be [Ed: or perhaps who you really are…]. According to Mr. Ratz, this is not a bad thing.

“Therefore, our attraction to the virtual world actually indicates great progress in human evolution. It plays an important role in humanity’s preparation for spirituality. In fact, all our virtual dealings are preparing us to detach from matter, disconnect from our corporeal identity and transcend the limitations of time, space and motion.”

I had never really thought of SL as a station on my spiritual quest. But the idea is an interesting one. The article finishes with:

“…we will feel more and more that we cannot exist simply on the physical level. And eventually even our virtual getaways will not be enough for us—we will have to learn how to actually enter the spiritual world and live in it.”

This brings to mind the final scene of ascension in The Celestine Prophecy, which, on further thought, would look a lot like you do when you start flying in SL. Which bring another question: Am I effectively connecting to my soul group when hanging out in SL? Or hanging out in the blogosphere? Is the Internet the “physical” global consciousness, tying us together until we find a way to do it truly in wireless (and keyboardless) ways?


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2 responses to “Second Life and Spirituality

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  2. I read the article and found it very interesting even though I disagree with the author…In my opinion, our attraction to the virtual world does not indicate a progress in human evolution (although it certainly indicates a technoligical evolution) nor humanity’s preparation for spirituality. It reveals more our innate need to play, to create and to experience. Cela répond de la même logique que le rêve éveillé, alors qu’on se projette dans une vie idéalisée. In fact, it’s not very different from writing (or reading)or going to the theather. The power of fiction. Man’s imagination goes back to the beginning (les contes, les légendes, les dessins sur les grottes….). Second Life is only helping a bit with the output. It is clear that the author did not spend a lot of time in SL because if he had, he would have seen that a big part of SL in about shopping and selling things….a very down to earth kind a thing.

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