CSI:NY in SL: Venus’ Lair

Venus' LairI’ve been remiss in keeping this blog up to date with the Venus saga. Sightings are occurring weekly and I’ve managed to find all the locations, but no visible signs of the actual Venus yet. But we are getting close. This week’s sighting came in the form of a 911 call at the lab. Peter Clark, a previous suspect, bit Venus’ bullet. A card at the location of the sighting gave us further clues as to where Venus had been orchestrating the murders.

Club Random, CSI:NY in SLThanks to a thoughtful comment from one of my CSI colleagues, I found the place rather easily. A nice Machinima video summarized the importance of this latest discovery, as well as the identity of the planned next victim. Stay tuned…

I’ll be sad when this project comes to an end. A nice community has formed, especially at Club Random, where you can dance the night away with other fans. Thursday nights are not to miss , with Live DJ Nexeus Fatale. The music is as eclectic as ever, but Nexeus is always happy to take requests. Join us Thursday nights, 7 PM (SL/PST).

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