CSI:NY in SL: The Case of Auld Lang Signs

The latest CSI:NY mystery was released on Friday. Celebrating the new year in style, this one involved aAuld Lang Signs corpse found embedded in the Times Square New Year’s sign. The clues to this particular case, however, have brought us back to Venus, still on the loose. As this game is scheduled to end in February, according to the original timeframe, pre-writers’ strike, it’s fitting that the loop would start to close at this point.

Found the clues and analyzed them. Unfortunately, one of the card, said to be at the location where Venus was last spotted by the lead detective, could not be found. Quite a few of us went up and down the said alley, without much luck. However, an interesting clue was located. Not exactly sure what it means at this point, but hopefully more light will be shed shortly. 🙂


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