Happy New Year!!

Club Random, CSI:NY in SL2008 is now underway and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. I’m stoked. I’m tickled as to where the whole virtual world, and Second Life in particular, will be going. I spent my last moments of 2007 and my firsts in 2008 in Second Life, dancing with other CSI fans at Club Random (darn good classic rock music and great company). As sad as this may sound to some people, it was a nice and relaxing way to ring in the new year.

Venus has been sighted around SL and I’m keeping track. But with the writers’ strike still going on, it’s anyone’s guess if this mystery will ever get solved. I was sad to read shortly before the holidays that Electric Sheep, the company reponsible for marketing and managing the CSI:NY project in SL, among others, had to lay off a third of its workforce. Clearly, the virtual landscape as a viable marketing platform still has a ways to prove itself. What does this mean for the CSI:NY project?..No clue.

Stay tuned…


2 responses to “Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy New Year. I’m a CSI fan but not of the in-world version. Aw, they could have waited after the holidays but this people are technically sound and skilled they won’t have a hard time finding work this new year. Goodluck to them! 🙂

  2. I know, it’s sad. But at least the company is getting some recognition with the Emmy. There will be a lot of shake-up as this emerging field settles dowm.

    Thanks for the post, Kabalyero! 🙂

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