I am Legend in SL

I am Legend Survival GameThanks to an i-Report today, filed by Chad Kanawashi, I learned that Will Smith’s upcoming movie, I am Legend, will also use Second Life to bring gamers to its dark world. According to the website:

I Am Legend: Survival is a multiplayer first-person shooter / RPG game playable in the 3D virtual world Second Life. The game transports players into an eerie replica of over 60 acres of New York City set in the chaotic year preceding the movie, I Am Legend.

I am Legend Survival GameI took a quick tour of the game’s Orientation pad in SL.I am Legend Survival Game This game is definitely aimed at the PS3 generation. You have a choice of four characters to play: infected or non-infected human or infected or non-infected dog. (Nice nod to the furries community in SL…;) ) I’m not sure how far I’ll venture into this world, preferring brain to brawn games, and not being too quick on a trigger. I’ll try the non-infected dog role and see where that leads…Stay tuned.

iaml_players.jpgThe movie opens this Friday, December 14th, in RL.


2 responses to “I am Legend in SL

  1. If you get a chance to scope the novel, it is a quick read and one of the most original takes on vampirism ever penned. I am certain I will like the Wil Smill movie but I also reccomend the original movie version of “The Last Man on Earth” starring everyone’s favorite Vincent Price.

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