Free Holiday Tunes – Courtesy of Nettwerk Music & The Vancouver Sun

Received this email today. I had signed for their special free download over the Labour Day weekend. Note the limited time offer…


Seriously Westcoast Vol. 2A Gift for you…

Nettwerk Music Group and the Vancouver Sun is please to announce
another free digital download album. It’s Seriously Westcoast Vol.2 –
Happy Holidays. Seasonally themed and features 15 songs from such
artists as Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Medieval Baebes, Jars of
Clay and many more.

This special digital album will only be available for a limited time
starting on Saturday, December 15 at 12:01am for 48 hours only
. To
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So, tell all your friends to come and download some great holiday

Best Wishes and Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season.

Everyone at Nettwerk & the Vancouver Sun


CSI: NY in SL: Third case solved

The latest CSI: NY mystery was released on the weekend. All Shook Up brought us into the festive seasonAll Shook Up with the murder of a well known window decorator, found drowned into one of her giant globes. The crime scene was pretty straightforward. The crime lab was a bit more sophisticated this time, with three different analyzing stations instead of the usual one. I had to confess, though, I found this mystery a bit more difficult to unwind. I was really hesitating between two of the suspects. In the end, I picked the right one, though I could argue my other suspect also could have been the killer. Dragging a dead weight up a ladder?…Hum…I’m not sure about that one…

The next Venus sighting is scheduled for this Friday. Stay tuned…

I am Legend in SL

I am Legend Survival GameThanks to an i-Report today, filed by Chad Kanawashi, I learned that Will Smith’s upcoming movie, I am Legend, will also use Second Life to bring gamers to its dark world. According to the website:

I Am Legend: Survival is a multiplayer first-person shooter / RPG game playable in the 3D virtual world Second Life. The game transports players into an eerie replica of over 60 acres of New York City set in the chaotic year preceding the movie, I Am Legend.

I am Legend Survival GameI took a quick tour of the game’s Orientation pad in SL.I am Legend Survival Game This game is definitely aimed at the PS3 generation. You have a choice of four characters to play: infected or non-infected human or infected or non-infected dog. (Nice nod to the furries community in SL…;) ) I’m not sure how far I’ll venture into this world, preferring brain to brawn games, and not being too quick on a trigger. I’ll try the non-infected dog role and see where that leads…Stay tuned.

iaml_players.jpgThe movie opens this Friday, December 14th, in RL.

CSI:NY in SL – Looking for Venus…Look up…Look way up…

Resumed my search for Venus last night, despite atrocious lag inworld. I’ve been averaging 4-5 fps in theNY in Second Life past week. Reasonable frame rate is usually around the 15 mark. Makes for some pretty jerky and delayed movement. But, with another sighting reported, I ventured in, determined to find the latest card.

One of the fun aspects in SL is the lack of gravity. You can build floating structures and flying, without the aid of any contraption, is a common way to move around this virtual universe. The creators of the CSI:NY mystery are taking advantage of this feature and taking us all up to a new level. The first mystery (High Flying) involves a floating platform (the Pegasus skydiving pad), where one of the suspects is interviewed. While we had been teleported directly to that pad  during that investigation, I didn’t realize it was up in the air until I tried finding Venus last night. According to the sighting report:

“A tourist on the Pegasus skydiving platform spotted Venus on a nearby rooftop. Head to the Venus crime lab to study the picture, then head downtown to figure out where Venus was when the picture was taken. If you’re lucky, you’ll recover some evidence from her perch.”

Camera ControlUsing the camera control I was able to look up from the site of the first crime scene and find the platform. Now I had to get up to it. I use a laptop without a mouse, which makes flying a bit of a challenge. Add the lag factor to it, and flying becomes more of an art than a science. I got acquainted with theMovement Control Panel movement control panel which helped me a lot, especially with flying upwards.  Thanks to a major clue from the log report back at the lab, I found the proper rooftop. Landing on it was not as easy. After much trial and error, I finally found the best way to do it: crash your avatar on the adjoining wall, then use the down arrow key to lower yourself to the rooftop. Not very graceful, but, hey, it worked!

I found the card and took it back to the lab for analysis. There’s trouble brewing….Stay tuned!…