SLCN TV: Broadcasting Live from Second Life

I had heard of the Second Life Cable Network inworld, but I had yet to explore it until today, when I read about it inSLCN TV Massively, the successor to SL Insider. The breadth of programming was a surprise. Everything from a Shopping Channel, Business channel, Lifestyle, Community channels and including a Sports channel, featuring ice hockey, sailing and snail races…I tuned in to the last laps of this race. A real nail bitter…

Also in the mix is the Music Channel. SL has always been a great venue for artists to reach new audiences by streaming live concerts into SL. The SLCN has a few of those shows archived and available as podcasts.

The nicest thing about all of this is, though you can stream these shows inworld, through special tv sets, you can also stream them on the web via Quicktime. The SLCN has been in operations for a while now. Wow, is all I can think at this point…


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