CNN iReport – now live in SL

CNN iReport meeting in SLLooks like I missed the official launch of the CNN iReport feature in SL. I got an email today, timed 1:46 pm, saying…

Hi all,
Hope you can join Tyson Ireport & Team for this week’s news chat. On the agenda so far: framing your shot with the rule of thirds, and the best of this week’s SL iReports. Hope to see you at the CNN amphiteatre at 2 p.m. SLT!

Thanks for the headsup!… This was the first email I’ve received from this group since I joined it almost two weeks ago. A look at the CNN link provided shows that the iReport feature was launched on November 14th. Weekly meetings will be at the inworld CNN amphitheatre at 5 pm (EST), 2 pm (SL time).

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