Furry Love – CSI & SL Style

NY Murder by ZuikerWell, there were no references to SL in last week’s episode of CSI:NY. But on the next day, Anthony Zuiker posted the best 10 submissions to NY Murder by Zuikerthe “Mystery by Zuiker” to the CSI:NY website. I did figure out the mystery but had trouble posting to the message board. Turned out I was using the wrong password. Nonetheless, it’s been interesting reading everyone’s submissions. There’s supposed to be a new Mystery by Zuiker coming down as well. There’s one advertised for the 8th of December. Looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, a new case was also available when I logged on tonight: Furry Love. Didn’t take long to figure thatNY Furry Love one now that I know what’s expected and the procedure to follow. This one took us into the world of “furries”, or avatars that are in the shape of animals. Very important community on SL. There was a CSI (Las Vegas) episode (Fur and Loathing) that looked into this culture. I met a local SLer a couple of years ago who told me there were such furry conventions happening and it’s pretty serious business. Hey…whatever grabs ya…

There have been more sightings of Venus inworld. I’ll have to check on that. Also, seems like there will be a dance party happening every Thursday night at 10 PM (EST), 7 PM (SL time) for fans inworld. Will definitely check that out too this week.

Signing off,

Maxie Mostel
NY Dectective Rank


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