CSI:NY in SL – First case solved!

NY in Second LifeI finally took the time to figure out the CSI:NY environment and game launched in Second Life at the end of October. I had ventured a few times late at night but had lost patience as I tried to figure out the best way to navigate, as my own pre-existing avatar (Maxie Mostel) or another one created just for the game. I finally opted to go in as my SL alter ego. It allowed me, among other things, to buy neat CSI:NY t-shirts using my current Linden funds. 🙂

After listening to the intro and getting my CSI:NY Rookie badge, I was off to solve my first case, titled High Flying. Picking up the evidence was easy enough. You click the object and get a recorded audio describing the details of each piece. Once all evidence is collected and saved to your toolbar, you’re directed to teleport to the Crime Scene Lab to analyze the evidence. Unfortunately, I originally teleported to the wrong lab (the one reserved for the Venus crime – the gal that got this whole game started). Thanks to a kind fellow avatar (Luisa), I was pointed into the right direction. Once all the evidence was analyzed, by clicking on the various stations and receiving more audio descriptions, a suspects list got added to the toolbar. I was told to go and interview one of the suspects, Davis, co-owner of the Pegasus Club, location of the crime, while the other two suspects were interviewed by two other CSI officers. Those interviews were then video streamed (each video preceded by the Cisco theme) through the toolbar. Pretty slick, despite the lag. Luckily there’s a text option to that, which types out the text spoken. The final step is then to return to the 2nd floor of the Crime lab and identify the culprit. The case was not too difficult to solve and I’m now a Rank 5 detective..Ahem… 🙂

Next up will be the Zuiker Crime mystery. I’ve read the details of this gruesome murder (Face – $5,000/lb), involving a deli, a meat slicer and said face. This one has a web component, which took forever to load tonight, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Participants of the Zuiker mystery are then encouraged to log onto CBS and describe, in 500 words and less, how they think this murder went down. The top posts will be involved somehow in the CSI:NY episode tomorrow. I don’t know exactly how that will happen, whether during the show, as part of the show or after the show. I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Now that I’ve gotten over the learning part and getting a feel for it, this is turning to be a lot of fun. Considering I don’t consider myself much of a gamer, I’m really getting into this. Well done CSI:NY! Click here for slideshow of inworld pics.


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