Beowulf Scribes in SL

Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, scribesScreenwriters Neil Gaiman & Roger Avary dropped into SL this morning to discuss their upcoming film, Beowulf. The interview was conducted by Pica Paperdoll of the Electric Sheep Company, the folks behind the OnRez viewer and the CSI:NY Virtual game in SL. I attended the Q&A at The Shelter, one of my favorite spots in SL. The interview was streamed via Quicktime from Beowulf Island. I took a quick gander to the island after the interview and marvelled at the dishes laid out. 🙂 Click here for slideshow.

Beowulf Island Orientation PathHere’s another nice example of the integration of marketing and SL. Newcomers to Beowulf Island are greeted by an orientation path and led into the castle. I didn’t explore any further, but the castle seemed like a nice location for fans of the genre to mingle. It’ll be interesting to see if any other features are released in conjunction with the opening of the movie, November 16. I didn’t really listen to the interview — my sound card isn’t the greatest inworld. But SL is featured on the official Beowulf movie site, though more details are not available there. Stay tuned. 🙂


One response to “Beowulf Scribes in SL

  1. Interesting. This (as well as CSI NY) will bring awareness to SL. I now notice, each time I log in, there are more and more people connected (more than 50K each time). When I started (early october 2007), the average was around 35K to 40K.

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