SL’s ActUp’s “A Halloween Spooktacular!” – Opening Night

Well, it looks like the mini plays I wrote back in July will be premiering (is that a verb?…) this weekend on Broadway Live Island in Second Life. Got the following invite in-world yesterday:

Act Up Theater presents

A Halloween Spooktacular

ActUp! Hallowe'en SpooktacularACT UP Theater announces a Second Life (SL) performance of three original works. A Halloween Spooktacular is a live theatrical performance with lines and movement delivered by the actors in real time in front of a live audience in a virtual setting.

The performance consists of 3 short plays consisting of 13 scenes on 10 different stages with no intermissions. “Love Bites” is a one scene performance examining the challenges which might exist in a relationship between a vampire and human. “When Monster Creation Goes Bad” looks at the trials and tribulations of creating “famous” monsters. “Martha’s Halloween Spectacular” offers cooking suggestions and other tips for monsters around Halloween. Drawing inspiration from iconic horror genera and pop culture, the result is a humorous performance sure to please the crowd.

A HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR will be performed three nights. Admission is free to the SL public, however, attendance is limited to 40 avatars per performance. Tip jars will be set up for contributions.

Friday Oct 26th, 7pm PDT
Saturday, Oct 27, 7 pm PDT
Sunday Oct 28, 1pm PDT

Broadway Live Island

Broadway Live is a five island sim residential and live theatrical commerical area. Live Performances from all levels of artists and a beautiful residential community. Residents are encouraged to use the five theatre spaces for their own needs and performances

TCM Entertainment

TCM Entertainment designed, and built the stage, sets, and lighting used in the performance. TCM Entertainment features a unique set changing system powered by REZTech. ?The stage features HUD controls of the theater lighting, curtain, and individual special effects such as lightning strikes, set door styles. The HUD is worn and controlled by the set director. ?For more information about TCM Entertainment Contact :Erlic Chevalier

You can access Tromanville, Broadway Live South (131, 187, 33) by clicking on the following SLURL. Space is limited! Come early and we hope to see you there. 🙂

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3 responses to “SL’s ActUp’s “A Halloween Spooktacular!” – Opening Night

  1. J’y suis allée samedi soir. Ils ont joué ton texte ! J’ai pas vérifié mot à mot mais ça me semblait bien fidèle. Les acteurs étaient assez bons sauf que du côté technique, je ne sais pas si c’était à cause de mon CPU mais c’était très “choppy”. Et j’ai pas vu les décors sauf au tout dernier sketch. Avant, la scène n’était qu’une grosse plaque grise ! En té cas, bravo encore. J’ai appuyé sur F2 souvent souvent, Ciao, xx (et en passant, bon courage pour mardi. Je t’embrasse, xx)

  2. Merci Sue! Malheureusement, je n’ai pas eu le temps d’y aller. Une fin de semaine assez occupée. Je me prépare pour l’opération mardi. Et puis, j’ai mis à jour mon Mac avec Leopard. La procédure n’a pas été smooth, malheureusement, alors j’ai perdu pas mal de temps à fignoler parès mon ordi… J’espère que Melville Thinkerer l’a enregistré pour YouTube.

  3. I’d like to thank you. I had the most wonderful time acting in the plays. It was truly an experience I’ll cherish for a lifetime as my debut into the theater scene. I’m not sure of this, but I think one of the “Spooktacular” shows can still be seen on SLTV this month. Good job, and thanks again, Paggz.

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