CSI: NY & SL – The game is afoot

This much anticipated episode was quite good. In Down the Rabbit Hole

The CSIs are called to the garment district and arrive to find a beautiful Jane Doe in punked-out plastic hair and S&M couture with a bullet in her head. After running her picture through the databases, the team gets a hit on an unlikely source: It turns out the victim’s real-life picture is a match to a popular Avatar in Second Life. In order to track down her killer, the CSIs must create their own Avatars and descend into Second Life’s “grid” where they are lead on a wild ride. While collecting virtual evidence and concrete evidence in the real world they ultimately discover they’re after a contract killer who has a hit on a congressman and time is running out. (CSI: NY website)

The episode ends with Mac looking down a chute for Venus, the popular avatar, which has just killed the congressman and shot an innocent by-stander. I don’t know if any clues or any directions were given to U.S. audiences as to where to go to continue this adventure. Here in Canada, we got stuck with previews of other upcoming shows on CTV (although I was tuned to CBS). I tried to catch something in the small scrolling credits. But nothing that pointed to the on-line continuation.

So, I went to the OnRez website, registered (unfortunately it seems you can’t use your current avatar if you’re already a member of SL), got my new password, downloaded the viewer, and logged on for a quick look.(see pictures below). I’ll be exploring more in the coming days.

Erratum: Thanks to a post by Kabalyero on his blog, I now realize already existing avatars can access the CSI: NY virtual lab and participate in the game without having to use OnRez’ viewer. A search last night in SL had not revealed this location. The portal is located at the following SLUR. Thanks Kabalyero!

Virtual CSI

NY in Second Life

Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “CSI: NY & SL – The game is afoot

  1. OUIN! Ils nous ont laissé en plan ! Qu’est-ce qui ca se passer avec cette Vénus ? Au Québec, CSI est aussi retransmis par Global (ou CTV?). Bref, on a vu aucun “previews” on ne sait pas si on va revoir La tueuse sortir de la chute à déchets 😉 non mais san farce, j’ai bien aimé l’épisode. Ils ont bien montré le monde de SL (sauf avec plusieurs raccourcis: j’ai jamais été capable de chamger d’apparence de même avec trois coups de cuillère à pot!). Ciao, et au plaisir de te voir ce week-end sur SL, xx

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