CSI: NY & SL – 4 more sleeps

It’s been quiet on this front for me as I’ve concentrated on my other blog, Bits ‘n Bites. I’ve also gone back to work about a month ago, after a 9-week recovery period, following hip resurfacing. It’s amazing how much work encroaches on blog writing time…;)

As the much anticipated (by me and many SL enthusiasts) CSI: NY episode approaches (Wed, Oct. 24), more promo videos are surfacing. Here’s a look at Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), as he gets made up à la SL for his in-world investigation, courtesy of CBS on YouTube:

There’s also a new video, hosted by Anthony E. Zuiker, producer for CSI: NY previewing the CSI game in SL, again, courtesy of CBS:

How many product placements can you see in this last video?… 😉

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4 responses to “CSI: NY & SL – 4 more sleeps

  1. great videos, so exited about watching this episode, huge fan of CSI and a huge fan of SL …so good combo all round. Though watching the videos did make me a little depressed…..now I see how SL can run, makes my in-world lag seem much worse now…lol

  2. Thanks for the post, Kabalyero. It’s too bad about AXN. I;ll bet you YouTube will be carrying some clips of the episode before long, though. 🙂

    Great blog, BTW. Great Resource. I’ve RSSed it.



  3. I know what you mean, funkyregal. Throughout the first promo video, I kept thinking…”man, how much RAM, and what type of connection, does Adam’s computer have?…” I wonder if we’ll see the tell-tale signs of the status bars during the episode?…



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