al-Qaeda, the musical?…

Lars Vilks - Swedish Catoonish CBC Arts News had an interesting story on Swedish cartoon artist, Lars Vilks today. Vilks, you may recall, portrayed the prophet Muhammad as a dog in August, and as a result insulted a lot of Muslims around the world and became al-Quaeda’s latest Westerner with a price on his head. Seems like Mr Vilks has no regret on the whole episode, and is thinking it might actullay make a good musical:

“The Muhammad cartoon project must be made into an artwork,” said Vilks, breaking away for an interview during a business seminar in Klippan, a small town in southern Sweden… A musical comes to mind.… I think it would help the debate.”

The artist states that his cartoon was meant to defy the Swedish art community, and not insult Muslims.

Vilks said Muslims living in the West would have to get used to disrespectful drawings of their religious symbols, “because here in the West we mock everything.”

“I think also the Muslims will understand that this is the system we have and it’s not really against Muslims, it’s just the principle of being able to insult religions,” he added.

Or, one might argue, being able to stretch the enveloppe so as to trigger dialogue. I was very happy to read last week that one of CBC’s top shows last year, “Little Mosque on the Prairies“, “will begin airing season one in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza on the country’s paid satellite channel, Stars 3. The show will air in English with Hebrew subtitles.” (Marketwire).

The more said about the subject, I think, the better…

Scene from “Little Mosque on the Prairies”

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