La Cage aux Folles – Shuttered by Episcopal Bishop

Students from Trinity Preparatory School in Orlando, FLA, were dismayed when their production of La Cage aux Folles was cancelled hours before opening night. Seems Bishop Howe was surprised “that any high school would sponsor this particular production,” he wrote. “Having to put a ‘PG-13’ warning label on a dramatic production certainly seems an unusual decision for a Christian preparatory school.” The Headmaster of the school chose to honor the Bishop’s request to cancel the production.(full story at Gordon’s Journey Blog).

The narrow-mindedness of some religious leaders will never cease to amaze me. Anyone familiar with this early 80’s Broadway hit, later made into a movie starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, recognizes its message of tolerance, acceptance of self and others, and the importance of family. Aren’t those key tenets of religious teachings?…Oye….

Bonus: Chocolate Schnecken Recipe (from Valentine’s Day Recipes website)

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4 responses to “La Cage aux Folles – Shuttered by Episcopal Bishop

  1. Hey, the good news is they did the show anyway!! They performed the show at a separate venue in Orlando, with no ties to the school.

    Here’s part of my take on it:
    “If Jesus were around today, he’d probably be playing Jean-Michel in this production as a welcome distraction to dealing with people who constantly use his name to promote the antithesis of his theology.”

  2. Personally, I thought that that La Cage (mostly the lastest, mainstream movie) stereotyped gay men.

    Yes, it did have messages about tolerance and acceptance but anyone who really has friends who are gay couples knows they seldom fall into any sort of stereotypical, behavioral “mold.”

    La Cage seems to support my (intolerant) mother’s idea that in each gay/lesbian relationship someone plays “butch” and someone plays “fem.”

    This just isn’t how it necessarily is.

  3. Well, keeping in mind this movie was made in the mid-90’s, and was based on a play first performed in 1978, I still think the story was quite progressive in its portrayal of a gay couple. Sure, not every gay couple is butch/fem, but I found it a very sensitive portrayal of a loving same-sex couple.

    Thanks for posting. 🙂

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