Second Life on Law & Order: SVU?

Was watching the Sunday night football game on NBC tonight and an ad for this Tuesday’s episode of L&O: SVU came on. According to the SVU website:

AVATAR | TV-14 DV | 10/9c | 10.02.07 HDTV
A woman involved in virtual reality video games goes missing, and her “avatar” is at the root of the investigation.

Not much else can be glimpsed at this point. But the quick pictures I saw looked a lot like SL. Tuesday night will tell all…


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Bip takes his final bow at Père Lachaise

Marcel Marceau was laid to rest on Monday at the famed Père Lachaise cemetry in Paris. Marcel Marceau coffin at Père LachaiseHis signature hat with the droopy red flower was placed on a small table during the ceremony. Full article, here.

(Picture credit: Remy de la Mauviniere/Associated Press)

Marcel Marceau (1923-2007)

Marcel MarceauMarcel Marceau, the world’s best known mime passed away this weekend at the age of 84. Full story at Playbill.

Although he spent his life acting some of the most memorable characters in silence, he did speak once on film in Mel Brooks’ 1976 classic, Silent Movie. (who else but Mel could accomplish this feat?…). See below for film clip.

Thanks to Ladystardust60 for posting this video.

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Second Life’s WriteUP! Comedy Collective looking for writers!

Purpose: To write topical comedic material for performance in Second Life.

Format: Members of the WriteUp! Comedy Collective will meet in-world on a regular basis to brainstorm and create on the spot material for the ActUp! improv comedy troupe (and possibly other similar groups in SL). The first project will be to develop material for a series of short sketches, similar in style to Saturday Night Live, The Carol Burnett Show or Sid Ceasar’s Show of Shows.

First meeting: Sunday September 16, Drop-in, between 10 am – 1 pm SL (PST) time

Please email me ( if you’re interested or IM me (Maxie Mostel) inworld.

(scene from Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor, with Nathan Lane as Max Prince)

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La Cage aux Folles – Shuttered by Episcopal Bishop

Students from Trinity Preparatory School in Orlando, FLA, were dismayed when their production of La Cage aux Folles was cancelled hours before opening night. Seems Bishop Howe was surprised “that any high school would sponsor this particular production,” he wrote. “Having to put a ‘PG-13’ warning label on a dramatic production certainly seems an unusual decision for a Christian preparatory school.” The Headmaster of the school chose to honor the Bishop’s request to cancel the production.(full story at Gordon’s Journey Blog).

The narrow-mindedness of some religious leaders will never cease to amaze me. Anyone familiar with this early 80’s Broadway hit, later made into a movie starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, recognizes its message of tolerance, acceptance of self and others, and the importance of family. Aren’t those key tenets of religious teachings?…Oye….

Bonus: Chocolate Schnecken Recipe (from Valentine’s Day Recipes website)

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