Virtual vs. real theatre – a showdown?

Interesting article from Mark Fisher’s blog (Guardian Unlimited):

“Will virtual plays kill real theatre?
Watching productions on Second Life saves you money, but the internet can never capture the smell of greasepaint.”

No kidding. Different medium, different experience…


4 responses to “Virtual vs. real theatre – a showdown?

  1. I would think that the whole experience would be different in person. People go out to the theatre to create good memories with friends and to be able to relate to what the message is in the play. The play is powerful when seen in person and not likely to be as powerful on the internet.


  2. Agree. It’ll be interesting, IMHO, to see which types of storytelling mechanics will emerge in the virtual world to engage the playgoer to a comparable level. The experience will never be the same, but hopefully the message(s) will still be heard.

    Thanks for posting. 🙂


  3. you might also be interested to check out UpStage – totally different again to SL but we have been using this as for online performance for several years now.

    break a digit for your show in SL : )

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