Commercials a go

well, Kier likes the commercials. Thought them hysterical. Good. 🙂 Haven’t had a chance to get to the PSA today. On the list for tomorrow.


Commercials uploaded

Finally got those uploaded today to Kierkan. He’s received them. No news yet. Still have one more I want to do: a PSA with Frank, Vlad and Jacques on drinking responsibly on Hallowe’en. I’ll try to get that done tomorrow.

Four commercials done

I managed to write 4 commercials for my Hallowe’en special. Came up with a o-so-clean powder to remove stubborn blood stains for Dracula, WD-40 for a rusty Frankenstein, extra strength waxing strips for Jacques Werewolf and Pearlygrip Adhesive Cream for an aging Dracula’s dentures. Tried to drop it off Kier’s inventory, but it looks like SL is having problems tonight. Nothing appears in people’s profiles and you can’t drop anything. Will try again in the morning before rehab.

And now a word from our sponsors

I just got an email from Kier. Upo, the director (I think) loved the play (?! — ah… showbiz… 😉 ), but thought it on the short side. Could I add some some commercials for the breaks between the segments? 13 pages for 15 minutes, I thought I was doing ok. Guess not. Good to know. The stage directions took more white space than I thought. Who would sponsor a Hallowe’en special with Martha Stewart?…The actual deadline was the 29th all along. Let’s give it a shot.

All scenes done!

I did finish the third scene tonight, with Jacques Werewolf and his new “Loup” collection of makeup and accessories. I dropped it in Kier’s inventory in SL. It’ll be interesting to see where this all goes. I’m glad I actually managed to meet my deadline. 🙂

Off to bed now. Got a class on the intricacies of blogging tomorrow. Looking forward to that.